My Volunteerwork at Pro Deo Care

Additional information about my volunteer work:

From 1993 I am a voluntary social, financial and legal consultant in the care and welfare sector. For multi- cultural and / or mental healthcare clients with social or financial issues. This fascinating volunteer work has taught me that personal assistance to immigrant entrepreneurs in the Netherlands is often underexposed. Especially before or after a bankruptcy or a startup phase.

The Pro Deo Care Foundation is a non-profit organization that stands up for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their own business in the Netherlands. And established business owners with possibly the Supervisory Board who are facing financial difficulties due to challenges.

These multicultural owners and / or their supervisors are hoping to bless future successful companies. Being personally remunerated by me as their personal mentor. The Pro Deo Care Foundation mainly helps entrepreneurs who have hardly any (start-up) capital or no longer own it.

You can think of a group of (international) students who want to start a startup company. Or an entrepreneur who has to deal with financial challenges or other problems in the area of ​​bankruptcy. They receive voluntary help from me, a colleague, or are referred to a non-profit organization that wants to actively guide them.

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